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Toronto's Destination for Professional Skin Care

YES Clinic is the culmination of professional experience, artistic mastery, and profound knowledge of human aesthetics.

At YES, we make you feel confident in the way you feel about yourself by acheiving a natural approach to beauty.

We strive to make you feel comfortable and calm. Relax in our tranquil studio where you can be at peace.

The purpose of the consultation is to find the best solution for you, in the areas most suited to your needs to achieve long-lastng, natural results. 


The world's leading, no recovery time, non-surgical solution to those unwanted facial lines and wrinkles


Used to enhance skin contours, smoothen skin, plump thin lips, improve the appearance of recessed skars, and soften facial creases and wrinkles using ingredients found naturally in the body.


State of the art laser treatments that can effectively treat all levels of the skin with little downtime and discomfort.


Fight frown lines and the overdone look! Those who want a natural look choose Dysport. It’s proven to help smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines.


Hollywood's best kept secret. The Micro-Needling Treatment procedure creates hundreds of micro- channels without ablation or introduction of thermal energy to improve skin texture and firmness.